Grit Toolkits

100_0517Are you exploring current blogs and lesson plan ideas online, trying to find the right activities to engage your child on the topic of grit? Work with our expert group of moms who are also educators to custom create a Grit Moms Project Plan for your child. Here is how it’s done:

1. Complete a short survey so we can get a sense of your child and his/her interests.
2. Based on the responses from that survey, Grit Moms will create up to four month-long project concepts that we feel will engage your child as they cultivate grit qualities.
3. We will continue to communicate with you until you are satisfied with the four project ideas/concepts. Once you approve of them, Grit Moms will create your own custom toolkits for each of the four projects which will contain original lesson ideas, links to online resources and connections to local organizations (contact info etc.).
4. As always, we would like to hear back from you as these projects get implemented so we can share your stories with the whole Grit Moms community! We will send you an awesome Grit Moms shirt just for keeping in touch with us!

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