Grit Academy

iStock_000015469744XSmallThis page contains information on tutoring services, links to various research and blogs that focus on grit and information on our Grit Curriculum. Please contact us to discuss/access any of the Grit Academy services at

Grit Academy Tutors

We have compiled a database of Grit moms who are current and former teachers available to tutor students online or in a socially distanced and safe way.  Please contact us using the email above so we can match you with the appropriate tutoring services. 


Grit Research

Continue to check this page for updated links on Grit related research.

Grit Curriculum

Grit Moms has developed enrichment curriculum designed for small groups, after school programs and home schooling environments. Each lesson plan is designed to cover a week’s worth of activities with a main lesson and several extension activities focusing on Multicultural Awareness, Math, English Language Arts, Nutrition and more! Please contact us using the email above to get the available curriculum sets sent to you.

The following lesson plans ranging from 6 weeks to a year are available:

  1. High School Culinary Curriculum (15 weekly lessons)
  2. Eskwela Filipino Curriculum for Elementary age students (23 weekly lessons)
  3. Elementary Math Enrichment Curriculum grades 3 thru 5 (20 weekly lessons for each grade level)
  4. Elementary Literacy Enrichment Curriculum grades 2 thru 5 (20 weekly lessons for each grade level)

Below is an image of a lesson plan template with descriptions:

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