Hangout Groups

GM100_1780_resizedAre you a Grit Mom interested in leading a group of grit moms in your area?

Grit Moms promotes a supportive community and provides a forum for moms to share stories of grit success and frustration as we navigate through this amazing journey of parenting. It is through this communication that resources and lessons learned can be shared.

A Grit Moms Hangout Group is an opportunity for moms to gather and discuss important research and literature about grit in an interactive and hands on way. Think book club with lots of laughter, discussion, games and food!

Our Grit Mom Hangout group leaders value supporting moms and therefore their families, friends and colleagues as they create an environment for their kids where grit can be cultivated and sustained within them. When you lead a Grit Moms Hangout group, you will experience a tremendous sense of personal satisfaction, accomplishment and gratitude.

What do you get as a Grit Mom Hangout Group Leader?

  • A leadership opportunity that supports parenting.
  • A comprehensive Grit Moms Hangout Guide containing strategies to form a hangout group, critical thinking games, literature summaries with discussion questions on grit and grit themed book lists for kids age kindergarten thru 8th grade.
  • The ability to contribute to your community and family.
  • Up to 10 Grit Moms t-shirts for you and your hangout out group.
  • Receive administrative access to the grit moms site in order to post information about lessons shared from your group.
  • Receive ongoing support from our Grit Moms administration as you form, implement and sustain your Grit Moms Hangout Group.
  • Facebook and online or video chat with other Grit Moms Hangout Groups.


For questions/information to start a hangout group please email:

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