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A space to talk about instilling grit qualities in ourselves and where to get grit inspired paper creations

Grit \’grit\: Firmness of mind and spirit; unyielding courage in face of hardship; perseverance and passion to achieve long-term goals.


Our most popular project: Grit Paper Creations

What do you do with your child’s stacks of old school work? Can’t bring yourself to toss it?  Keep their hard earned work and repurpose it into a Grit Book or custom stationary.  Grit books and stationary are unique, one of a kind and remind kids of the work they accomplished. Contact us and follow an easy step-by-step process to order. IMG_1054

Audrey book 2

Cate book 2

For Grit Paper products, please contact us at kimboyer10@comcast.net


Who are Grit Moms?

I am a Grit Mom and I know you are too! Grit moms are parents who want to create an environment for their kids where grit qualities such as perseverance and resilience can be cultivated and sustained.  Gritmoms.com began as an online platform and community for parents to talk about ways they promote grit characteristics within our children.  There is no silver bullet answer nor is there a one-size fits all approach. Grit talent takes time and patience to develop. It requires continuous effort on both the children and the parents. Click on the main project links to see what interests you.  They are:

Creative Grit:

See creative projects that are grit inspired.  Recent projects include grit stationary and art/scrapbooks.

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Start a hangout group:

Learn how to convene a group of moms in a book club-style gathering while discussing grit.  I provide you with a guidebook containing discussion questions on literature like Paul Tough’s How Children Succeed,  fun activities that teach grit, and lists of children’s books with grit themes.  All of the books lists and group ideas are meant to help cultivate grit qualities among your children and yourselves!




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